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Mostly all are doing the trade of cryptocurrency. The trade of cryptocurrency brings a lot of profit into the pocket of its traders. This is the reason those are into this trading business. The cryptocurrency trade is daily coming in headlines for the current peak time of its business. This business is expanding at a high speed. Cóínbase Pro login is a suitable platform for helping you to start your cryptocurrency trade. For instance, it charges not even a single penny for exporting your money from Cóínbase to its Pro version.

Know everything about Cóínbase Pro from this content so read it carefully.

Method of Getting a Cóínbase Pro Login

See the homepage of the Cóínbase Pro login.
After that, give your name.
Then, write your mail ID.
Next, see the inbox of your emails. One mail to verify you from the Cóínbase Pro is sent to you. 
After that, type your cell number. The verification of this has to be done.
Next, you need to give a reply to the points given below.
The type of work you do
The area you live
The place from where you get your money
After that, get a photo of any of the government-given identity cards. 
The given below two points are for the United States/the United Kingdom people:
Your identity has to be verified
Your account identity has to be verified
The people living anywhere else need to do the step that is below mentioned.
Present your Passport and Driving License to verify your identity cards.
After that, connect your bank account with this platform.
Then, tap the Start Trading option. Do this step if you don’t want to do the immediate before this step which is connecting your bank account with the Pro version of Cóínbase.

Advancing from the Cóínbase to its Pro Version

Give that same mail ID of your Cóínbase account into the Pro version of it. 
After that, press the login key.
Next, read every term that is given on the sign-in page of the Cóínbase Pro login
If any new data is asked, provide the same. 

Shift the Money from Cóínbase Wallet to Cóínbase Pro

Your account of Cóínbase and Cóínbase Pro login have a separate wallet. The transferring of money from one of its wallet locations to the next is non-chargeable. 

Deposit key position

The Deposit key will be located in the Pro mobile application.

Enter the Portfolio page.
After that, tap the Deposit key. Go towards the right side in the upper position. 

For changing the money location from the Cóínbase to the Cóínbase Pro login steps are given below. 

Enter the Cóínbase Pro page of trading.

Next, tap the Deposit button. The tab of Wallet Balance shall be close to it. 
After that, choose the currency kind of which you wish to change the position.
Then, tap the Cóínbase Account.
After that, present the amount that you want to transfer from the Cóínbase account to the Cóínbase Pro account.
However, the restriction is that the amount in the Deposit area will only be transferred.
Remember that the Deposit tab is in the end.

Transferring of Money from the Cóínbase Pro to the Cóínbase Account

In this section, the steps involved in transferring money from the Cóínbase Pro login to the Cóínbase account have been noted. So follow it minutely.

Browse the trading page of the Cóínbase Pro account.

Then, select the Withdraw option. 
Next, select the kind of currency of the amount you are thinking to move. 
After that, tap the ‘Cóínbase Account’ key.
Next, write the balance which you wish to move from the Cóínbase Pro to the Chinese account.
Then, tap the Withdraw button. Towards the end, it will be present.


This written piece has informed you of the steps for making your account at Cóínbase Pro login. Simultaneously, it has told you the directions for moving your money from Cóínbase to its upgraded version. The best part is in return for storing your money they don’t charge even a penny. Any person using this platform always says that it is one of the most customer-friendly platforms.

Frequently Asked Question
Different account credentials needed for the usage of Cóínbase and the Pro Cóínbase account?

No, the same account credentials are needed for the usage of Cóínbase and the Pro Cóínbase account. 

What are the steps to get the Cóínbase Pro application?

The steps to get the Cóínbase Pro application are as follows:

Visit the Play Store.
Then, download the Cóínbase Pro application from there.

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